Since its inception in 2008, the NNSA Consortium Internship Program is well underway -- and growing. Paid Internships are available in the spring, summer and fall semesters of each academic year.  Nearly a dozen students are assigned to various NNSA sites each semester, gaining valuable experience in their field of expertise.

Internship Cycles

Fall: 15 Weeks, September – December
Deadline for submissions: June 15

Spring: 15 Weeks, January – May
Deadline for submissions: November 17

Summer: 10 weeks, June - August
Deadline for submissions: February 6


$6,000 Undergraduate – Summer
$7,200 Graduate – Summer
$9,000 Undergraduate – Spring/Fall
$10,800 Graduate – Spring/Fall

NNSA Internship Program administrators will assist students in locating housing near NNSA sites. However, interns are responsible for their own housing costs.

The application review process is competitive. Student applications are reviewed by some of the most highly respected scientists, engineers, technology experts and mathematicians working in these fields today.  Those who are awarded internships are privileged to work alongside their colleagues, learning and growing in a professional environment that will positively impact their studies and their careers.

The NNSA is interested in recruiting the brightest and most ambitious students who are ready to test their knowledge by applying it in a formal laboratory or field setting.  Each student intern works under the supervision of an assigned mentor.  NNSA professionals will guide interns in the use of sensitive materials, modification and maintenance devices and equipment.  The NNSA upholds outstanding safety precautions and procedures and interns will be trained to practice these routinely when working in nuclear production, transportation, disposal, or other assignments.

While here, visitors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with NNSA Internship sites, read the profiles of former NNSA interns, or peruse eligibility requirements.